Fall titles … It’s almost time …


It’s gonna be a busy fall for reading. Check out this selection of books coming out over the next few months. Which one will you read first?

The People are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore, by Jared Yates Sexton, 8/15/2017

Country Grit, by Scottie Jones, 9/5/2017

A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies, by Paul Lewis and Ken Lamug, 10/10/2017

This Book is Not for You, by Daniel Hoyt, 11/7/2017

The Art of Misdiagnosis, by Gayle Brandeis, 11/14/2017

The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves, by James Han Mattson, 12/1/2017



Gayle Brandeis, die hard liberal, exposes flaws on the left…

redwhiteThe Stuart Agency client Gayle Brandeis has an important piece up on Salon.com today. In it, Gayle draws attention to cracks in the democratic system from the blue side and shows us why, in an election that is so scrutinized, it is vital to stay 100% united and beyond reproach.

Gayle’s memoir The Art of Misdiagnosis is forthcoming from Beacon Press.