#booksweRreading Tuesday 9/27/2016

the-nixWhat are we crazy? Of course we are reading Nathan Hill’s phenomenal debut The Nix! Though in the interest of full disclosure, we finished it last weekend and are just now getting around to posting about it.

The Nix has everything: 1980s nostalgia; right-wing political parody; a painfully accurate satire of contemporary book publishing (that one hurt, Nathan!); unrequited love; Norwegian legends; a video game crusader; and a mother/son relationship that rivals any Oedipal quirkiness found on the page. More than this, The Nix is un-put-downable. We tried! It can’t be done. Nathan had us by the throat page after page after fantastic frickin’ page. I am Samuel Andresen Anderson and I’ve been nixed!

Read this book. Read it now.


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