Get ready for a World of Wonder …

nez_si-303x335The Stuart Agency
and Christopher Rhodes are both beyond thrilled to announce the sale of Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s illustrated collection of nature essays, WORLD OF WONDER, to Milkweed Editions!

In WORLD OF WONDER, award winning poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil invites us along for an exploration of the natural world unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Through bold, lyric essays this highly accomplished poet and naturalist unveils the mysteries of the world just beyond our fingertips. She discusses little-known animals, plants, and natural phenomenon in the context of her unusual childhood growing up on the grounds of mental institutions in rural America; navigating the parent-push towards science while finding herself drawn toward language; and parenting in a digital culture that rewards isolation. Through Aimee’s detailed and delightful observations about the many oddities and fascinations of our planet, we are asked to look at the universe and ourselves through a convex lens.

Aimee writes with three cultures looking over her shoulder – Indian, Filipino, American – providing her writing with a fusion of culture and customs unique to her experience but familiar to us all. Throughout the collection, Aimee serves as interpreter, investigator, and historian, and draws from her own experiences to demonstrate how we can be situated without being rooted and how we can travel without getting lost.

Congratulations Aimee!


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